Here we have a map of Uganda, Africa.   Touch Ministries is located 20 min northwest of Kumi, which is in the Eastern part of Uganda. 

   In 2010, we drilled our first water well, which was a huge benefit to offer fresh water to the community.  The first dorm opened up Sept 16, 2010 with 17 children.  Since then things have grown very rapidly.  We have been so incredibly blessed.  Currently we run two large dorms with 95 children who are under full sponsorship.  

Across the road, we have a very successful church that holds at least 500 people. In 2011 we began TOUCH school which is  very successful.  Currently we have 7 classrooms built, with a future goal to complete 3 more which will allow us to hold, baby class to P7, at which time they will enter a boarding high school or vocational school. 

    Radio Bible Ministry began in 2015, which has been able to reach over a million people in the local area about the love of Christ. Thank you Red Deer Baptist church for supporting this great ministry.

   In our efforts to reach our long term goals of self sustainability, we have started income generating projects such as farming, bakery, sewing products,  (which are currently sold in Canada), and currently involved in soap making.