We have two sponsorship programs.  One is the education sponsorship, where the child receives two meals per day and education costs covered. The cost for this program is $200.00/per year.  The second one is full sponsorship where they receive a place in the Touch home with all expenses covered.  The cost is $55.00/per month. The children in the home under full sponsorship have been carefully chosen, due to their dire circumstances. Please email  to get connected with full sponsorship, and to become an education sponsorship.


Here at TOUCH Canada, we are ALL volunteers.  This allows us to support projects and children to the best of our ability without overhead costs.  You too can be a volunteer, such as setting up a fundraiser, time in serving on projects or help in selling T.O.U.C.H. products. You can also  have your local organization join our annual walk-a-thon.


Currently we have a few projects on the go, some new and some renovations. Please go to the "project" header and get complete details on each project. You may want to add to a current project or fund a project as corporate sponsor.

Currently the Alliance Community Church  does some of our fund management.  We have three options you can choose from for donating,  to best accommodate your giving.  Please click on the "DONATE" link to proceed with our options. Thank you


This is a very exciting way to come see first hand what TOUCH Ministries is all about.  Every year we lead a couple of teams for approx 16 days.  It's great spending time with the children and working on current projects for about  9 days, and then we take you on a tour of Uganda.   A life changing experience.  Please contact us for more information, we would love to send you a travel guide, or talk to you one on one.