We currently have 420 children in our school with nothing but a teeter totter for playground equipment. We are looking at offering our children a complete, secure and safe play ground. Cost approx for a complete playground equipment is $7,000


We are so incredibly excited to announce that at the end of 2017 we received all the funding to build a fenced playground for our Touch School. As of March 3rd, 2018 fencing of the area has begun. Thank you Playground Partners!


We are needing to build another three classroom block to complete Touch Primary School.  We have 420 children from baby class to P5.  We are currently short three classrooms, for us to complete our primary school.  After this children head off to a boarding high school, or vocational school for skills training.  Cost is $11,000/per classroom


WOW, this is exciting! We started in Dec 2017, in faith with this three classroom block, with funding from walk-a-thons. And now happy to say with additional donations, this classroom block will be completed by April 30,2018.


In 2010 we built washrooms/shower house for the first 17 children that entered the home.  Since then we have built more pit latrines(washrooms) to accommodate 95 children and staff, but need to renovate, to make room for a larger shower house. Approx cost $5000

WASHROOM RENO'S                  UPDATE!

Washroom/shower rooms renovations were started Dec 2017 and completed in Jan 2018.  These were so long overdue and excited to have the outside of the building refinished and the inside the shower area was enlarged and freshly tiled and one flush toilet installed for quests.


Currently looking at purchasing two plots of land. These properties are connected to TOUCH Land and would help make vast improvements in advancing our farming and School. We are looking at purchasing 2 acres for school which would enable us to build soccer fields. Cost is approximately $2,500.  The second portion of land is 7 acres, which would be used for farming.  Approximate cost is $7,500


We are happy to announce that we were able to purchase the 7 acre plot, in Jan 2018.  Thanks to the donors who helped make this possible.  But we are still looking at purchasing a 2 acre plot to build full-size soccer fields.


Currently we have one hand held tractor and 4 plow oxen.  With the increase in land we need to be more efficient with plow and harvesting times. Another hand help plow tractor would enable us to be more efficient. Cost $5,000


Currently we have the donated funding for this project, we are just waiting to purchase till we have storage place for this equipment. With this tractor we will have a trailer which will be a huge help for harvest. Thank you donors, for helping in our advancement. 


What a great way to commemorate a loved one,  helping orphans and widows.  Special thanks to Gordon Barker and Joe Redmond for commemorating their wives in building a classroom and purchasing a generator for the flourishment of our children!  God Bless you both for your contributions.  If you are interested in commemorating a loved one by sponsoring a project, please contact us for more details.

So thankful for donations for the beginning of the new pit latrines for the school.  Very much needed proper for sanitation.  THEY ARE NOW COMPLETE!!



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