Wow! I am so excited to be launching this new website for TOUCH Ministries! I have been involved with TOUCH Ministries since 2011, and every year is more exciting then the year before. My heart burns with passion for this great non-profit organization. When I went the first time to see TOUCH Ministries in 2011, I came home overwhelmed and didn't know what to think. You see first hand how we can make a difference, but wondering WOW, where do I fit in? Like I said, I came home wondering what could I do, when the needs seem so insurmountable. Then I really felt the Lord tell me, "I didn't ask you to save the whole world, I just asked you to do your part". We all have a part to play in changing this world and what God desires from your heart and I am so thankful that I CHOSE, to get involved. It is so rewarding, and such a blessing, that I can't even explain. Since then, I have been able to lead (with my husband) a team to Africa every year. My heart is so overwhelmed that I started a Facebook page to get the latest updated info out to everyone, and share all our exciting trips. Now, we have currently launched this new website and this is new to me, so I am very interested in hearing how I can make this web page the best website possible. So please share with me on any suggestions you might have to make this the best possible website we can, to share the great works of TOUCH Ministries.

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